Termometre Higrometre HLT002

Termometre Higrometre HLT002
Ürün Kodu: HLT002
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Indoor humidity(%RH)
Wireless outdoor and indoor temperature
Records min. and max. humidity
Records min. and max. temperature
Weather forecast tendency
Forecast icons based on changing barometric pressure
Radio controlled time and date with manual setting option (1280 only)
Time Zone Setting
12 or 24 hour time display
Perpetual calendar
Time alarm
Can receive up to 3 sensors
Led backlight
Wall hanging or free standing
Included one transmitter
Synchronized instant reception
Low battery indicator on the receiver
1)Outdoor data
Transmission distance in open field : 100meter max.
Frequency : 433MHz
Temperature range : -40° to +65°(show OFL if outside range)
Resolution : 0.1°
Measuring interval remote sensor : 48 sec
Water proof level : IPX3
2)Indoor data
Pressure / temperature : 48 sec
Indoor temperature range :-9.9° to + 80°
Resolution : 0.1°
Measuring range rel. humidity : 20%~99%
Resolution : 1%
Measuring range air pressure : 919hPa - 1080hPa
Resolution / Accuracy : 0.1hPa / 1.5 hPa
Alarm duration :120 sec
3)Power consumption
Base station : 2*AA 1.5V LR6 Alkaline batteries
Remote sensor : 2*AAA 1.5V LR03 Alkaline batteries
Battery life : Minimum 12 months for base station ; Minimum 24 months for remote sensor

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